Barrowman changed my world
Barrowman *shakes fist*

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John Barrowman.

Introducing to you, The Barrowtubbies :

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Wrecking War

Your timeline is now a wrecking war..Enjoy :

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John Barrowman - Twitter master

John Barrowman’s twitter pictures are like the greatest thing on twitter :

Want more???? FINE here is some more :

Enjoy them? Want more? Need more? Flipping dying for more? Then follow the master of the twitter earth at @team_barrowman ;) OR follow his instagram which is @johnscotbarrowman !

P.S REMEMBER : John is the master of twitter earth!

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John Barrowman album

Would you consider pre-ordering John’s new album or the download if you havent already? If so, theres the link

The songs on the picture above are the songs that will be on Mr.Barrowman’s album so if you like them then pre-order it NOW as time is running out. The album will be out in June so PRESS AND PLEDGE!

Thank you :)


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John Barrowman screencaps

John Barrowman > Anyone else.

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I love John barrowman!

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Happy Birthday John Barrowman♥

You are truly the most amazing guy to walk the earth! Thank you for inspiring and being an idol to millions of people.You are the what the earth should represent. You are the light to the dark. You are the rainbow to the rain. You are amazing and i hope your day is filled with happiness and joy as you deserve to have an amazing 47th birthday! 

You are a happy bubbly guy and today should represent 47 years to the day that an amazing guy was born! Thank you Marion and Big John for making this beautiful man, i thank you very much.

Love you lots John!


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Anyone up for some lunch? Maybe some Scott Gill with fries and curry sauce?

HAHAHHAHAHAHA WTF? SOMEONE on twitter asked for a order so this is what I came up with..Its a joke!

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Benedict Cumberbatch AND John Barrowman togethar

This video has John and Benedict together :)

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wondering how many miles I’ve scrolled on tumblr

and i would scroll 500 miles and i would scroll 500 more

just to be the one who scrolled uh-thousand miles to re-blog this once more

I like how david’s head hasn’t been tumblred.

he’s our leader

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